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eHome Counseling Group is based in Orlando, Florida.  The eHome Counseling family of businesses seeks to improve the quality of life for Americans suffering with a variety of life crises and help clients restore their lives and live again. eHome Counseling Group provides the only programs in the industry with Deep Mind Insight™, an assessment program that quantitatively measures patient progress and counselor effectiveness. Our proprietary Sixth Sense Counselor Recruitment Model™ recruits and selects the highest quality counselors to ensure consistent, quality results. We also provide additional resources and support in as many ways as possible to families and clients, including an artificial intelligence app and our proprietary TetherĀ® virtual recovery program for support in between counseling sessions. The highest quality counselors, combined with measurement based care and the best technology, results in proven outstanding outcomes.

eHome Counseling Group has multiple segments to serve different markets. Market segments include:

  • Medical practice clients with behavioral care needs through eHome Behavioral Care
  • Individual needs for consumers through eHome Counseling
  • First Responders through the eHome Heroes program
  • Active duty and retired Military through eHome Military
  • Drug and alcohol addiction clients through eHome Aftercare
  • Court-ordered alcohol/drug addiction counseling and classes through eHome Court
  • Couples assessment and coaching through eHome Couples
  • Individual needs and employee/member benefits programs through eVideo Counselor

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